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Congratulations Teams!

Let’s just say that 175 pounds is an accomplishment!  Some of you lost more than others, but the main point is that you are getting on the right track!  Even a few pounds is better than none. You are lowering your risks of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer, joint diseases, etc. You are phenomenal !

The poundage  loss was fairly evenly divided between the two teams, but Doug’s team actually won the competition.   GO DOUG!  (Beware, however, Lisa is determined to have a comeback  next time!)

The next competition is anticipated for this fall....The Greatest Makeover Contest  for getting healthy inside and out! ..Stay tuned to our site.  Contestants can compete on the family team, on the single male team, or on the single female team.  In other words, there are 3 teams.  Team entry and sign up will start in later May. Please

Stay tuned for more details.


Hello, and welcome to our Peel It Off and Shape Up competition

Congratulations!   My  practice, DrLeslieGaskill.com, and Plaque Busters  are excited that you are committing  to a healthier lifestyle.  We are passionate about helping you to prevent heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and obesity.  We want to help you with both your commitment and challenge and most importantly, we want you to have fun during the journey.

It is our goal to give you the tools you need to succeed. We understand that what works for one individual does not always work for another, and we want to be sensitive to your needs as an individual.

Please be reassured that by joining either Doug’s or Lisa’s team, you may be identified by any name you wish to remain confidential. If you wish to use your real name, you are welcome to. There will be ways to have support and camaraderie if you wish. We encourage you to take advantage of the support that we offer; we also encourage you to reach out to your friends, family, and coworkers to join you in the journey or  to help hold you accountable!  Your baseline biometrics are protected by HIPPA and are confidential unless you reveal these to someone by twitter, facebook, etc., Your baseline biometrics are key to being able to track your progress and reward you for your progress. 

We encourage you to get all baseline biometrics including weight, height, body mass index(BMI), waist circumference, and hip circumference,blood pressure, and fasting blood sugar, lipids(cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, and total Cholesterol) and HgA1c, although the fasting blood work is optional for this competition. It is important to weigh in weekly at home or at a weigh in location following your initial baseline measurements at one of our weigh in locations.  Get ready to succeed!  Let’s go. You can do this!

Very sincerely,
Leslie Gaskill, MD                


10 lbs lost!


The final photo after 20 pounds lost!


Doug's Team


Peel It Off Goal:  30 lbs
Progress 17 lbs

Well, I had to start somewhere realistic.  My current goal is a total of 30 lbs. I am updating my goal today as I come close to the 20 lb mark!

My plan is to reduce carbohydrates.  While thinking about this, I am amazed at how many carbs I consume!  Everything I like is full of Carbs..  I try to keep fresh fruit and healthy snacks around me all of the time so that I can eat something every two hours.  Stock up your Car, your Office and your Home with healthy options.  I never go hungry, and when I sit down to eat a meal I am able to choose wisely because I am not ever "starving".  I eat when my stomach says I should rather than my brain.   This was extremely difficult to do, however after 30 days of this, my habits were changing on their own.  Now I do not crave carbs as I did before!




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Coach Lisa's Team

Hello team! 
 I am taking over from your distinguished coach, Kelly, as your team lead and motivator.  I know you have been working hard to reach your goals and I want to encourage you to keep up the good work.  Perhaps you have reached a plateau by now, or perhaps you don't feel like you are where you want to be.  Not to worry.  Each day is a new day and a chance to make more changes. 

 I will be tweeting some helpful tips including recipes.  I want to get a weekly menu and shopping list out there for you all.  Also, are you tracking your eating habits and exercise activity in a journal?  I track mine on a free IPad app that I really like.  It sure makes me think about what I eat if I know I have to keep track of it!  Also, I like to see the progress in my workouts.  

So, let's keep going, or let's get going harder!  There is nothing better than feeling healthy and in shape.  Look forward to hearing updates from you.




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Healthy Lifestyle

Make a commitment to know the reality of diseases you and your family may encounter if you continue with unhealthy lifestyles.

Know that by changing to a healthy, and more pure lifestyle you can reverse and prevent many diseases Including obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes.

Obtain your baseline measures and profile so that you can start setting realistic goals for a new, more healthy you!  Download the  STARTING POINT page for your baseline.

Find a friend, family member, or Plaque Buster group to help you with self monitoring and accountability.

Join a Plaque Buster Competition and start accumulating points.

Knowledge is power. We are here to help you understand and learn about key concepts such as:

  1.  All things in moderation.
  2. Do not skip meals!  Your body will treat you right if you take care of it.  Six small meals a day will Help maintain a more active metabolism, whereas skipping meals will result in a sluggish metabolism.
  3.  Portion control is a key component!  Read our section on portion control and use this tool for the rest of your life.
  4. Eat lean protein and complex carbohydrates at each small meal, with the addition of  “healthy fats” for 2-3 of these small meals.
  5. Choose whole grain foods over white or multi-grains. Choose brown rice, or wild rice over white rice. Choose whole grain as opposed to regular or multi grain. Be very careful to go easy on portions of breads, pastas, and rice.
  6. Avoid rich creamy sauces. Red sauces are more healthful than white sauces.

Make your goal to get rid of as many chemicals in your diet as possible. Your energy level, metabolism, and emotional state,  will benefit from eliminating caffeine, processed and preservative- packaged foods, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol except in small amounts.

I can't wait to share my
Grapleberry Smoothie
and a great homemade
chili recipe that I love!  
 Stay tuned!

Weigh In Locations

Leslie S. Gaskill, M.D., L.L.C.
6290 Abbotts Bridge Rd.
Building 200
Suite 201
Duluth GA 30097
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Atlanta Restaurant Exchange
1708 Peachtree St NW
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Atlanta GA 30309
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Doug's thoughts...

No New Year's resolutions,
I have made New Years Decisions!

I have learned that eating something every two hours is a great way for me to lose weight!  I eat my regular meals, and keep healthy snacks around for those times in between..   This is not an easy habit to get into, however it is possible to do!   I try to keep a few bananas and apples around me.  This includes at home, in my car and at my office.

I am always on the run, and am not able to make healthy choices.  More often than not, in the past I would go all day without eating properly and then be ravenously hungry in the early evening.  When I am very hungry, it is very difficult for me to make healthy eating decisions.  If I have taken care to eat something every couple of hours, I never feel like I am starving, and I am able to make healthy decisions and choices of what I am going to eat!

This year while having Laser Acupuncture treatment at Dr. Gaskill's office, I became aware that my water intake was too low!  I always drink what I believe is plenty of water.  It was not enough.  Recently I keep a bottle of water with me at all times.  What has happened is that I generally feel better, and my appetite seems to be a bit more in control when I am drinking LOTS of water.  I highly recommend keep a bottle of water nearby at all times.  I bought a case of bottled water and put it in the trunk of my car so I can grab one as I am coming and going.

Next laser treatment, I will see if I am drinking enough.  In regard to the laser treatments, I started to work on chemical sensitivities and allergies.  The results have been great so far.  Next laser acupuncture treatment starts working on my allergies, which I have all year.  I will let you know how that goes as we move forward.   Having my body in balance and properly hydrated has made me feel better overall and contributed to my success so far in trying to lose weight for this challenge!

Let me know your stories and what you are doing to achieve your goals!




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