Cardiovascular Prevention - Run Walk Johns Creek

Thanks to all of our sponsors and participants,
the First Annual Plaque Busters 5K Walk/Run 
on September 15th 2012 was a success!

Run Walk Plaquebusters

Proceeds benefited the American Heart Association
and the American Diabetes Association
In addition, there were 3 winning school/ athletic teams
who each won $1000.00 rewards each!

Check our video of the walk!

It was a blast!

5K Johns Creek Plaque Busters

The Shockers baseball Team.

Way to go boys and Dads!
You really know how to work together,
and we couldn't have done it without you.

Your spirit and enthusiasm
were most appreciated.

Their $1000.00 award will be used
to purchase new baseball equipment.

Keep up the great work,
and we at Plaque Busters say
"thank you!"

The Junior Longhorn Cheerleaders

Cheerleading Junior Longhorn Cheerleaders

Aimee Haisten was incredible. If there is anyone
who can do a great job with kids and parents,
look no further than Aimee.Her dedication is
most commendable.  

She and those beautiful little junior cheerleaders were a hit with their winning team.They have designated the  $1000.00 award will be divided between two cheerleaders on the Junior Longhorn team next year for scholarship money.

Girls: go for the scholarships if you are trying
out for the Junior Longhorns!
You girls are fabulous. Thank you.

 First grader Carson Phillips

& Lake Windward Elementary School

Windward Elementary

Congratulations on their $1000.00 reward!
Little Carson has the "gift of gab" as his mom
Lisa Philipps states. He took the idea to promote the Plaque Busters 5K  to heart and worked passionately to recruit his school team
to "get that new playground!".

They are planning to use the funds to improve
their playground which will enable better
physical activity for lowering risks for
plaque build up in the arteries!

Congratulations and a big thank you to Carson and Lake Windward Elementary! You are awesome!

First Place winner in the Women's
- Kelly Conron.
Kelly is a PE teacher at the fantasic Northwestern middle school. 
Kelly won a beautiful new pair of running shoes.


First Place Winner for Men's Category is Eric Belinfante.
Eric also won a great pair of running shoes

Plaquebusters 5K Run Walk

Individual Runners

Girls 11-14
1st place-Ellen Buchanan;  2nd place- Jacqueline Davis;
3rd place-Cora Wallace

Girls  15-19
1st place- Shannon Lilly;  2nd place- Katherine Mathews;
3rd place- Emily Haugan

Girls/ladies 20-24
1st place-Masha Chubenko; 2nd place- Courtney Clinton;

Ladies 25-29
1st place-Casey Craver; 2nd place Archana Meka;
3rd place- Allison Repic

Ladies 30-34
1st place-Maggie Temple; 2nd place-Christina Southerland;
3rd place- Erica Melton

Ladies 35-39
1st place- Tammi Delana; 2nd place Claribel Cruz Garcia;
3rd place- Heather Heaton

Ladies 40-44
1st place- Gina Thompson; 2nd place Becky Allen;
3rd place- Paige Vanzyl

Ladies 45-49
1st place-Maria Hybinette;  2nd Place- Diane Winn;
3rd place- Janna Barenghien

Ladies 50-54 
1st place Angelia Cannon; 2nd place- Nell McWilliams;
3rd place- Brenda Clinton

Ladies 55-59
1st place- Sarah Elder

Ladies 65+
1st place- Cathy Kolb

10 years old and under
1st Brogan Riggle; 2nd Clayton Collins;
3rd Emerson Hoberg

1st Jacob Vargas; 2nd Kyle Vargas;
3rd Aiden McBain

25-29 yo
1st Ryan Walker; 2nd Joe Monroe;
3rd Matt Bailey

1st  Jeff Rodgers; 2nd Sri Suman Balusa;
3rd Billy Hoffman

1st Winston Gnananayagam; 2nd Russ Yeager;
3rd David Abercrombie

1st Don Mark; 2nd Gregory Phillips;
3rd Michael Buckner

45-49 yo
1st Stefano  Redditi; 2nd Taras Walid;
3rd Hari Vellanki

1st Robert Sykora; 2nd Orlando Vanin;
3rd Tucker Balch

1st Mike Voberel; 2nd Bill Heikkila

Charles Morris