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How are teams formed in the schools?

Teams can be single individuals, but we encourage you to either join a team, or form one yourself. If you are a single person team, you would be competing against all other single person teams.  There is a maximum of 50 people on a team.

question marks on postits picture.jpgIf you are an adult, and you are on your own adult team, you can also support your child’s/teen’s class team by simultaneously being on your child’s/team class team. As you  earn points for your weight loss, and exercise, etc., your child’s class team also banks/earns points for their team. You cannot be on more than two teams. Your adult team and your child’s/teen’s team. If you do support your child’s/teen’s class team, please bear in mind that a child on the winning class team would receive the lst place reward, and not a parent.

There are various kinds of teams. However, kids in schools (grades K-12) are competing as classes with same level grade against other same level grades (i.e. all first grade classes against all first grade classes in the same school.)  Teachers can be on their class teams. You do not have to have every student in the class to participate to have a class team. The program is voluntary, and all health measures are within HIPPA compliance. Your personalized measures are given to nobody except Plaque Busters!

hands_holding_world.jpgThere will be a winner on each team (the individual who banks the most points at the end of the three month competition will win a reward (for example, the reward might be a gift certificate of $25.00 to New Balance, or even bigger prizes.) The first grade class (among all the first grade classes) within that school that collectively earns the most points, will be given recognition on the web site!

Kids that are home-schooled can form teams with other home-schooled  kids. For more information on this, please email We will help to assist you.

Adults can form their own teams. You can have neighborhood teams, company teams, department teams within a company, groups of family’s competing against other groups of families. But grades K-12 will only be on their class teams. Kids older than 12th grade

Can be on family teams.

You can  make up any group of people you wish, even with family and friends in other states!

Registration for our next school competition will begin March 30, 2012

However, you can go ahead and get signed up and start living healthier today! The sooner you get your screen, and register,  the sooner you can get a head start on improving your numbers for this first competition!

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Team Leaderboard:

1st place:  Jolly Joggers

2nd Place: Everyones Team

3rd Place: Buster Buddies

4th Place: Fat Fighters===



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